Anger, Anger Management, and Therapy for Anger

Anger isn't a diagnosable disorder, but rather a symptom of many disorders including depression, anxiety, and substance abuse to name a few. Also, anger can affect many areas of your life including:

  • Relationship and Family Problems:
    Poor communication, fighting, yelling, physical or emotional abuse, and ending of relationships
  • Work or School:
    Difficulty concentrating, getting fired  
  • Physical Health:
    Tension, fatigue, headaches, heart problems, stroke, cancer, and other medical issues

  • Legal Problems
  • It's Not Only a Symptom:
    Anger can also cause depression, stress, anxiety, and substance abuse

How Do You Experience Anger?
Everyone experiences a healthy level of frustration and anger but sometimes it's unhealthy and more than we can handle. Some people have emotional outbursts and for others they withdraw into themselves and isolate. Getting overwhelmed with anger can also lead to hurting ourselves physically or mentally, overeating, substance abuse, or other unhealthy behaviors.

How We Can Help You:

Anger Therapy Program

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